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Pearl Condos and It’s Friday – Fabulous!

It’s late Friday afternoon and I’m headed out to show sleek, cool condos in The Pearl.  Condo prices at the end of the 4th quarter 2012 were up almost 8% from 2011.  The average price per square foot of non-distressed properties is now $317.04 up from $294.44 in 2011.  Really, the take-away is; If you are looking at condos and find one you like, buy it now!  Prices are now on the rise.  Showing condos in The Pearl is always a fun adventure.  It is so easy to park (ditch) the car and walk from building to building, enjoying window shopping and peeking into all the restaurants along the way.  The plan is to end the tour at the Tear Drop Lounge, on 10th and Everett, for happy hour.  Check out the Tear Drop if you have the chance – great, original cocktails and snacks.  TGIF and happy weekend to all!

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