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USE ENERGY-EFFICIENT HEATING & COOLING: To save 1050 pounds of CO2 annually, turn your heater down and your air conditioner up by three degrees. If you are considering installing an energy-efficient heating and cooling system in your home, the following links are useful:

Heat and Cool Efficiently ; Replacing Your Heating System

Replacing Your Air Conditioner ; Energy Trust Cash Incentives

Oregon Tax Credit for Heating & Air Conditioning ; Federal Tax Credit

INSTALL ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS: Nearly 25% of energy used for space heating and cooling offsets heat loss or gain from windows. Energy efficient windows, doors and skylights can help reduce energy bills up to 15%.

Energy Efficient Windows, Doors & Skylights ;

INSULATE: A properly insulated roof and walls keep the heat from flowing between your home and the outdoors. An energy-efficient home should meet or exceed

USE SOLAR POWER: If remodeling or building a new home, use solar energy (use federal tax credits and state buy down programs if available) to reduce 1000 to 6000 lbs. of CO2.

Solar Technologies, Incentives, Organizations

USE GREEN PAINTS: Buy No-VOC (volatile organic compounds) or low VOC paints that can eliminate eye, nose and throat irritation, and more severe health threats.

Non-Toxic Eco-Paints and Finishes

BUY ENERGY-EFFICIENT APPLIANCES: Buy Energy Star refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other appliances and save money as well as 1000 lbs. of CO2 a year.

Energy Star Appliances ; State Appliance Tax Credit

RECYCLE: Recycling half of the aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper you use reduces 2400 lbs. of CO2.

Batteries & Cell Phones ; Recycable Packaging Transfer
Household Hazardous Waste, Motor Oil, Computers ; Plastics

BE WATER WISE: Buy low-flow toilets that can save up to 22,000 gallons of water per year for a family of four. Conserve on water use in your home.

Consumer Toilet ReportsResidential Water Conservation

TAKE ACTION: Check your home energy performance. Get involved by making a tax-deductible contribution, becoming an E-activist or volunteering.

Check your Home Energy Performance ; Get Involved with Global Green USA